Incident: Forecasts not loading [Resolved]

Forecasts are not currently loading from SunsetWX. I have emailed SunsetWX and hope to have a resolution soon. I'll share updates here as I have them.

Update 1: The SunsetWX service remains offline, I have reached out via a few more avenues to hopefully get things resolved ASAP.

Update 2: I continue to reach out to folks at SunsetWX via different avenues. Unfortunately, I'm yet to receive a response from the team, and others have also reached out about the downtime. I'm sure this is super frustrating for everyone using Alpenglow, both paying users and free. I hope we can have things working smoothly soon and then share some additional details of plans which should help avoid this point of failure in the future.

Update 3: Thanks for bearing with Alpenglow during this outage. I'm still working on getting in touch with SunsetWX unfortunately, I hope once we've made contact things should move pretty quickly. I'll also be trying to get better contact details in case something like this occurs again so a resolution can be found faster.

Update 4: Unfortunately I've had no response from the folks at SunsetWX despite reaching out via email, Twitter DM, LinkedIn and Tweets. I'd appreciate it if anyone is able to help get a response from them.

This obviously puts me in an awkward position having paying users of Alpenglow who are unable to use the service. I am doing all I can to get things up and running despite the silence. Apple unfortunately don't have many options to extend users subscriptions in cases like these but I hope I can come up with something to repay you for the loss of service when things are working smoothly again.

Update 5: The SunsetWX site is back online, so fingers crossed for a resolution soon.

Update 6: Forecasts seem to now be loading again. It may take a while for forecasts to be updated if they are out of date or haven't been calculated yet. I'm hoping for some insight from SunsetWx about the cause and will work with them to get a more direct contact method in case this occurs again. This is the first major outage that I'm aware of since introducing it into Alpenglow in 2016.

Update 7: Everything seems to be back to normal this morning. SunsetWX has provided me with a direct line in case any issues arise in the future. They'll also be implementing a failover system, along with improved downtime monitoring and notifications.

Thanks for bearing with me and Alpenglow. And thanks to folks who emailed me kind words during the downtime.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out via the Contact page.

Last updated March 30th 8:10 AM PDT