Alpenglow is now available on your Apple Watch

Including the ability to add Alpenglow Complications to your favorite Watch Face.

Screenshots of Alpenglow on Apple Watch


Check Times and Forecasts for your current location on your Apple Watch.

  • Quality Forecasts

    View the forecasted quality for Sunrise and Sunset for your current location right on your wrist.

    View up-to 4 days ahead with Alpenglow Plus & Pro.

    Alpenglow for Apple Watch Forecasts
  • Times

    Sunrise, Sunset and Magic Hour Times for your current location.

    Alpenglow for Apple Watch Times
  • Sun Direction Map

    View where the Sun will rise and set at your location.

    Alpenglow for Apple Watch Map

Watch Face Complications

Keep an eye on Sunrise & Sunset Forecasts and Times right on your Watch Face with the new Alpenglow Complications.

  • Sunrise / Sunset Forecast

    Alpenglow will show the Forecast for the Next Sunrise/Sunset depending on the time of day.

    Available with Alpenglow Pro.

  • Forecast Outlook

    View the Forecast Outlook for up-to 4 days ahead on your Modular Compact Watch Face.

    Available on Alpenglow Pro.

  • Times

    Various Complication options displaying the next Sunrise, Sunset and Magic Hour Times or just the Next Sunrise or Sunset.