🎉 Alpenglow is now available on macOS & visionOS 🎉

Press Kit

Alpenglow is the ultimate app for Sunrise, Sunset, Magic Hour photography and is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Find out more about Alpenglow below. Including a downloadable Press Kit with the Alpenglow icon and screenshots.

For any press inquiries, reach out to me via the Contact Form.

Screenshots of Alpenglow on Apple Watch

What is Alpenglow?

Alpenglow is an app that provides sunrise/sunset forecasts alongside additional features that make catching sunrise/sunset and magic hours easier.

Features include...

  • Sunrise & Sunset Quality Forecasts
  • Magic Hour Times
  • Sun Direction Map.
  • Reminder Notifications for Sunrise/Sunset and Magic Hours
  • Lock Screen & Home Screen Widgets
  • Localized in 35+ languages.
  • Support for Dark mode
  • Support for Dyanmic Type.
  • Sharing of Forecasts using iOS App Clips.
  • Support for StandBy Mode.

With Alpenglow Pro...

  • Forecast Widgets, with interactivity to toggle between Sunrise/Sunset.
  • Forecast Notifications, delivered based on user quality threshold.
  • Forecast & Outlook Apple Watch Complications.
  • Customizable App Color & Icon.
  • Forecasts up-to 4 days into the future.
  • Location Elevation used to provide more accurate Sunrise, Sunset & Magic Hour times.


Download the media pack here. It includes logos along with screenshots from the latest version of Alpenglow.


Alpenglow is free to download. Allowing you to view times and forecasts for today and tomorrow.

In order to view forecasts beyond today and tomorrow, along with additional features you can subscribe to Alpenglow Pro from $1.49 per month, $12.49 per year or pay $24.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Subscriptions include a free trial.


Alpenglow is available in all territories that the App Store and Play Store supports. It is available localized in over 30 languages, thanks to kind Alpenglow users who've contributed strings to help additional users make use of the app.

You can find Alpenglow on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Vision Pro.


Alpenglow is developed by Andrew Yates. A sole-developer who loves to catch sunrises and sunsets, building Alpenglow in his spare time alongside his day to day.

Any Questions?

Have any other questions about Alpenglow, please reach out via the Contact Form!