Never miss a incredible looking sunrise or sunset again

Set up reminders for your favorite time to shoot and check forecasts for the perfect light quality.


I’m a photographer and when I’m planning where I’m going to shoot this app is imperative. Being able to gauge sunrise and sunset quality before I decide on a location is critical if I only have a few days at a location. I couldn’t recommend this app more highly.


Alpenglow includes a bunch of features to help you not miss out on an incredible Sunrise or Sunset whether you plan to watch or capture it.

  • Quality Forecasts

    Check the quality for an upcoming Sunrise or Sunset. Forecasts are calculated using various weather variables and presented as percentages and scores.

  • Golden Hour Times

    Quickly access Sunrise, Sunset, Blue Hour, and Magic Hour Times for any location or date.

  • Reminders

    Choose to enable Reminders for Sunrise, Sunset, and Golden Hours, so you never miss out. With additional options to adjust how early Alpenglow reminds you.

  • Plan Ahead

    Switch date or location to view times and forecasts before leaving on a trip.

Alpenglow Plus

Unlock Alpenglow Plus through a one-time tip to support the costs and development of Alpenglow. You can unlock even more features with Alpenglow Pro.

  • See further into the future

    With Alpenglow Plus, you can see up to 4 days into the future (vs. today & tomorrow).

  • Increased Accuracy

    Forecasts will be fetched using a coordinate closer to your exact location.

  • Location Elevation

    Elevation will be retrieved and used to provide more accurate times for Sunrise, Sunset, Blur Hour, and Golden Hour times.

  • Customization*

    Adjust the color scheme of the app and select from different versions of the Alpenglow App Icon.

  • Outlook*

    With the ability to see further into the future, you'll also be able to check a glanceable view of all available quality forecasts on the Outlook tab.

Alpenglow Pro

Alpenglow Pro is unlocked if you continue to support Alpenglow using an In-App Subscription or a one-time lifetime purchase. With Alpenglow Pro, you open everything from Alpenglow Plus along with a few additional features. These features require increased ongoing server & service costs.

  • Forecast Notifications

    We've all missed an amazing Sunrise or Sunset. Receive notifications when the forecast for your location is above a threshold set by you.

  • Forecast Widgets*

    Unlock Forecast Widgets for your Home Screen, With the ability to add widgets for multiple locations.

  • More accuracy

    Alpenglow will use an approximate location to retrieve forecasts. With Alpenglow Pro, the app will use your exact spot to retrieve them.

* Some features are currently not available on Android.

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