Never miss an incredible sunrise or sunset again

Set up reminders for your favorite time to shoot and check sunrise & sunset forecasts for the perfect light quality.

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Download on the App Store
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I’m a photographer and when I’m planning where I’m going to shoot this app is imperative. Being able to gauge sunrise and sunset quality before I decide on a location is critical if I only have a few days at a location. I couldn’t recommend this app more highly.

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Alpenglow includes a bunch of features to help you not miss out on an incredible Sunrise or Sunset whether you plan to watch or capture it.

  • Quality Predictions

    Check today's Sunrise or Sunset prediction, or peek ahead to tomorrow's Sunrise or Sunset forecast. Forecasts are calculated using various weather variables and presented as percentages and scores.

  • Golden Hour Times

    Quickly access Sunrise, Sunset, Blue Hour, and Magic Hour Times for any location or date.

  • Reminders

    Choose to enable Reminders for Sunrise, Sunset, and Golden Hours, so you never miss out. With additional options to adjust how early Alpenglow reminds you.

  • Plan Ahead

    Switch the date or location to view times and forecasts before leaving on a trip.

  • Widgets*

    Add Sunrise, Sunset and Magic Hour times to your Home Screen & Lock Screen. Along with a Sun Direction Widget. Widgets also support StandBy Mode.

    Learn more about Alpenglow's Widgets.

  • Share a Forecast

    Planning a photography trip with someone? Share the Forecast for the day and specific location. If they're on iOS they'll be able to view the Forecast within the Alpenglow App Clip.

  • Field Reports

    Like any weather forecast, sometimes Alpenglow gets it wrong. Submit a field report with your score along with a photo and these will be used to improve forecasts over time.

  • Map*

    You can view sun direction for any location or date/time with the sun direction map.

  • Localization

    Alpenglow is also available in multiple languages. Thanks to users like you who've helped translate the app into over 25 languages. Including Spanish, Italian, French, German and more.

  • Dark Mode

    Support for Dark Mode on iOS and Android. Don't let glare from your phone disturb your Sunrise & Sunset experience.

  • Dynamic Type Support

    Font's throughout Alpenglow will scale based on your selected font size on iOS.

Alpenglow Plus

Unlock Alpenglow Plus through a one-time tip to support the costs and development of Alpenglow. You can unlock even more features with Alpenglow Pro.

  • See further into the future

    With Alpenglow Plus, you can see up to 4 days into the future (vs. today & tomorrow).

  • Increased Accuracy

    Forecasts will be fetched using a coordinate closer to your exact location.

  • Location Elevation

    Elevation will be retrieved and used to provide more accurate times for Sunrise, Sunset, Blur Hour, and Golden Hour times.

  • Customization*

    Adjust the color scheme of the app and select from different versions of the Alpenglow App Icon.

  • Outlook

    With the ability to see further into the future, you'll also be able to check a glanceable view of all available quality forecasts on the Outlook tab.

Alpenglow Pro

Alpenglow Pro is unlocked if you continue to support Alpenglow using an In-App Subscription or a one-time lifetime purchase. With Alpenglow Pro, you unlock everything from Alpenglow Plus along with a few additional features. These features require increased ongoing server & service costs.

  • Forecast Notifications

    We've all missed an amazing Sunrise or Sunset. Receive notifications when the forecast for your location is above a threshold set by you.

  • Forecast Widgets*

    Unlock Forecast Widgets for your Home Screen & Lock Screen, With the ability to add widgets for multiple locations and support for StandBy Mode.

    You can now toggle between Sunrise & Sunset with new iOS 17 Interactive Widgets.

    Learn more about Alpenglow's Widgets.

  • Forecast & Outlook Complications*

    Add Forecasts to your favorite Watch Face with various Complication sizes supported along with the Outlook Complication to view up-to 4 days ahead.

    Learn more about Alpenglow's Apple Watch Complications.

  • More accuracy

    Alpenglow will use an approximate location to retrieve forecasts. With Alpenglow Pro, the app will use your exact spot to retrieve them.

  • Custom Locations*

    Get alerted when a sunrise/sunset is forecasted to be good at other locations, allowing you to plan ahead.

* Some features are currently not available on Android.

Frequently asked questions

Forecasts are generated by our friends at SunsetWX. While they don't detail everything that goes into their calculations they use cloud cover, moisture and pressure.

Using various weather models 3km NAM and 13km GFS they generate forecasts periodically for up to 4 days in the future.

Download Alpenglow to checkyour Quality Forecast.

Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store