1. the rosy light of the setting or rising sun seen on high mountains.

2. An app that shows you sunrise & sunset times alongside sunrise & sunset quality forecasts.



Here are a few forecasts for the next sunrise or sunset in each of these cities.

Want to see forecasts for your location? Download Alpenglow on iOS or Android.

San Francisco

Sunrise in 6 hours

Predicted to be Good (52.1%)


Sunset in 7 hours

Predicted to be Poor (12.69%)

New York

Sunrise in 3 hours

Predicted to be Poor (22.86%)


Sunset 3 minutes ago

Predicted to be Poor (21.11%)


Sunrise in 8 hours

Predicted to be Poor (22.42%)

Los Angeles

Sunrise in 6 hours

Predicted to be Good (59.61%)


Sunset in 7 hours

Predicted to be Poor (6.05%)


Sunset in 7 hours

Predicted to be Poor (21.52%)


Quality Forecasts

Alpenglow will provide sunrise/sunset forecasts for your location each day. Provided by our friends at SunsetWX.


Always seem to miss the best times to shoot? Setup Alpenglow to remind you ahead of time with options for Sunrise, Sunset and Golden Hours.

Plan Ahead

Check out forecasts up-to 4 days ahead or time travel and check out and plan sunrise/sunset times months/years in advance.

Select Custom Locations

Adjust the location to see both times and predictions so you can plan ahead before travelling.

No Pesky Ads

No one likes an app full of ads, we let you get right to the info you need without showing you unrelated ads in your face.

Dark Mode

Want to give your eyes a rest while out shooting? Alpenglow supports iOS' Dark Mode.

Additional Features

Alpenglow Plus

Alpenglow Plus unlocks additional features. Just leave a tip within the apps and these additional features will be unlocked as a thank you for your support.

See further into the future

Alpenglow shows you today and tomorrows predictions. With Alpenglow Pro you can see upto 4 days into the future.

Increased accuracy

Alpenglow will use your approximate location to retrieve predictions. With Alpenglow Pro the app will use your current location to retrieve predictions.


Adjust the color scheme of the app as well as select from different versions of the App Icon.

Support an Indie Developer

Alpenglow is built as a passion project by a single developer who loves writing code and watching amazing sunsets. Your support allows me to not only keep Alpenglow running, but to keep making it better.

Alpenglow Pro

Alpenglow Pro unlocks everything in Alpenglow plus, along with some extra features that incur ongoing server costs and additional SunsetWX usage.

Forecast Notifications*

We've all missed an amazing sunrise or sunset. Receive notifications when the forecast for your location is above a threshold by you.

Forecast Widgets

Unlock Forecast Widgets for your Home Screen. With the ability to display widgets for multiple locations.

More accuracy

Alpenglow will use an approximate location to retrieve predictions. With Alpenglow Pro the app will use your exact location to retrieve predictions.

Including Plus Features

You will also unlock all of the features from Alpenglow Plus.

*Alpenglow never stores your location on a server. So all notifications are scheduled directly on your device.

*In some cases iOS may not wake Alpenglow in the background to allow the app to schedule prediction notifications. Low battery, being in low power more etc can all effect whether iOS allows Alpenglow to fetch the prediction.