I take time lapses of the sunset and this app helps me know when, where and if the sunset is going to be magical! Thank you for such a wonderful app.

Amazing service for those who care. Comprehensive, detailed, and largely unmatched. Huge upgrade from the weather channel.

I rely on this app for outstanding sunrise & sunset photos. Alpenglow is the first application I use to determine what days are best for my landscape photography. Great photos start with this easy to use sunrise and sunset planner!

I didn’t even know sunset tracker apps were a thing but I’m so excited they are and this app is definitely amazing and I am never gonna miss a good sunset!

Now I don’t have to wake up to photograph the sunrise that isn’t gonna happen.

I’m a photographer and when I’m planning where I’m going to shoot this app is imperative. Being able to gauge sunrise and sunset quality before I decide on a location is critical if I only have a few days at a location. I couldn’t recommend this app more highly.

Got a “great” sunrise alert from Alpenglow - and was skeptical, but went at 5am and the app nailed one of the best sunrises I have even seen. Absolutely nailed it! Can’t wait for next great alert!

This was exactly what I wanted, a no-nonsense sunrise/sunset forecast. The free version is totally usable, but plus and pro tiers are reasonable, and well worth it. Too many mornings I would roll out of bed and see the last glimmer of golden light in my bedroom, now I have an alert for when it'll be photo worthy! Awesome app!

One of my all time favorite things to do is watch the sunset. I live a 1/2 block from the beach so it equals a nice walk in the evenings. When it comes to sunrise, I’m just not a morning person. I enjoy this app because it helps me to know if it’s worth getting up for in the morning. The new design is really pretty. I love how it breaks every part of the sunrises and sunsets down. You can’t get better than this app. Highly recommend!

I’ve been using Alpenglow ever since its debut in the App Store and can’t say how intuitive it is to keep track of all sun times across different locations. Keep up the great game Andy ✌🏻