🎉 Alpenglow is now available on macOS & visionOS 🎉

Alpenglow for iOS v6.1 Released

  • Increased Suntime Accuracy, If you have Alpenglow Plus or Pro, the app will retrieve the elevation for your location and use that to calcualte more accurate sun times.
  • Submit Field Reports. Just before & after a Sunrise/Sunset the app will show the option to submit a field report. Submit your report and a photo and these will be used in future to improve forecast accuracy.
  • You can now customize when Alpenglow will deliver Forecast Notifications, previously this was fixed to an hour before Sunrise/Sunset if the forecast was above your set threshold.
  • Added a new section in Settings to explain how to add Home Screen Widgets to your homescreen as well as showing of examples.
  • Widgets should be more reliable when retrieving your location and will now use French, German and Spanish localizations if applicable.
  • The Forecast Widget will now refresh more often to retrieve the latest calculated quality forecast, resolving cases where opening the app would show a more recent calculation.

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