🎉 Alpenglow is now available on macOS & visionOS 🎉

Alpenglow for iOS v7.0 Released

The highlights for v7.0...

  • Adjusted Interface, making the date picker the main way to navigate between dates. You can also swipe left/right to adjust the date quickly.
  • Alpenglow Pro users can now set up custom locations. You can use these to quickly switch locations and even enable Forecast Notifications to be alerted to a great sunrise/sunset forecast.
  • New map allow you to see the suns direction for any date/time and location.
  • Added First & Last light to the time screen.
  • Support for new Widget sizes, including the new iPad Extra Large Widget.
  • Forecast Widget will now adjust color based on the current forecast.
  • Support for Widget suggestions, if you check the Sunrise/Sunset Forecast or Outlook screen periodically iOS may now suggest Alpenglow's Widgets.
  • You can now email Field Report Reminders so you can submit field reports more frequently and help make Alpenglow better. More news on that coming soon!
  • Opening shared forecasts will now show you the shared forecast within the app, previously links would only open the forecast within the App Clip.
  • New ways to Share forecasts including the ability to generate an image to paste into Instagram Stories or include on TikTok.
  • When adjusting Forecast Notification Settings, Alpenglow will now reschedule upcoming notifications so they reflect the newest settings.
  • Added new Alternative App Icon.

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