Alpenglow for iOS 15

Now Apple has announced the latest and greatest version of iOS. I'm working away on Alpenglow v7.0 that'll include support for the latest iOS update.

What can you expect?

I'm working on various aditions to the app for iOS 15, heres some things you can expect if all goes to plan.I'll be adding more additions here as we near iOS 15's release.

  • New iPad Widgets

    Support for the new iPad Widget Sizes.

  • Planning Tools

    Even more ways to help you plan ahead to catch a great sunrise or sunset.

  • Pull to Refresh

    Ability to ensure you always have the latest forecast with new Pull to Refresh in the Times and Outlook tabs.

  • New Watch Complications

    A wider variety of Complication formats so you can perfect your Apple Watch Face.

  • Improved App Clip

    Improvements to Alpenglow's App Clip which is shown when a user without Alpenglow views a shared forecast.